Friday, February 18, 2005

And Another Thing

A day ago my colleague Swansong described what our blog would be devoted to. I believe he characterized it as a place where argument, discussion, and disagreement would be elevated to the highest of highs.

He' s correct.

We want this blog to function as a clearinghouse of ideas. If your comment is particularly noteworthy we'll post it, although you might have to suffer through our responses. I'd like to also add another point. When I scan most of the other popular or mainstream blogs, I'm always dismayed at their reliance on the mainstream press for their content.

We Wankers are pretty adept at trolling the more marginal, yet intelligent, sites -- albeit mostly left-wing. I'm talking about the European press, Znet, Alternet, Commondreams, The Nation, Mother Jones, The American Prospect, Monthly Review, Boston Review, New Left Review, etc. Since college I'm been a devoted reader of these various magazines, journals, and websites and I've found they're pretty reliable, albeit shrill at times.

Nevertheless, we hope you'll make us your first stop on your travels into the reliable fringe of respectful thought. At the margins, progress awaits.

M. Wood