Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Drop the Hammer

Don't like corruption in government? Don't enjoy Corporate America buying politicians? Then you need to get behind this.


Believe it or not: you might be subsidizing Tom DeLay's legal defense when you buy an airline ticket, make a phone call or have a happy hour cocktail. A network of large corporate backers – including American Airlines, Verizon and Bacardi – have poured thousands into Tom DeLay's legal defense trust. It's time for this to stop. Visit and send a message to these corporations. Tell them to stop enabling Tom DeLay's unethical behavior. Let these corporations know that unless they stop supporting Tom DeLay, you'll stop supporting them.
As the NYTs reported today, DeLay's own PACs and campaign committees have been spoiling his wife and daughter to the whopping cost of $500,000 since 2001, naturally for services rendered of course. Who said public servantry doesn't pay.