Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Cubans March for Posada Extradition

Hundreds of thousands of Cuban citizens are currently marching for the extradition of suspected terrorist Luis Posada, accused of blowing up the 1976 airliner that killed 73 people. Cuba wants Posada to be extradited to Venezuela to stand trial for that crime.

While Posada denies any involvement with the airliner bombing, he also allegedly helped plan and execute a 1997 string of bombings in Havana to upset Cuba's tourist industry. According to the AP,"he refused to confirm or deny playing a role in a series of 1997 bombings targeting Cuban tourist sites, including one that killed a young Italian tourist. 'Let's leave it to history,' he told the Herald."

On its face, there seems to be enough evidence to warrant Posada's extradition to stand trial. Yet, this could upset Florida's conservative, anti-Castro community that views Posada as a hero. Does Bush have the balls to alienate this invaluable constituency, particularly when Jeb is governor of Florida and a future presidential candidate who will probably need to carry Florida to win? Hmmmm.

If Posada's not extradited, we have another glaring example of the hypocrisies of Bush's "War on Terrorism."