Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Insurgent Assault Continues

An insurgent posing as a job applicant blew himself up today outside a police recruiting center in the Kurdish provincial capital of Erbil. Initial casualty numbers are at least 45 murdered and 200 wounded. An attack of this magnitude is relatively unusual considering the Kurds maintain strict checkpoints manned by their militia, the pesh merga.

I wonder what's the specific insurgent strategy in attacking the Kurdish north. Is it merely to send the message you're not safe up north either? Is it an attempt to quicken Kurdish demand for autonomy? Is it to provoke anti-Arab racist violence from the pesh merga?

Regardless, it would be wise for Talabani and Barzani to ensure the pesh merga are under control and won't be looking for indiscriminate revenge against Arabs.

The insurgents want civil war; the Kurds and the Shiites must not fall into their trap.