Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Schiavo Autopsy

Well, it's been confirmed: Terri Schiavo's brain was "consistent" with a persistent vegetative state. According to the neuropathologist, whose report was attached to the autopsy report:
Brain weight is an important index of its pathologic state. Brain weight is correlated with height, age, and sex. The decedent's brain was grossly abnormal and weighed only 615 grams (1.35 lbs.). That weight is less than half of the tabular weight of a decedent of her adult age of 41 years 3 months 28 days.
Her brain atrophied so bad that by her death she was blind. Now while I sympathize with people who wanted to keep Ms. Schiavo alive because no one could conclusively prove she uttered that she wanted to die if she ever landed in such a state, I have only contempt for people like Tom DeLay and the other assortment of religious fundamentalists who used Ms. Schiavo's tragedy to act upon their Middle-Aged Christian agenda. Genuine compassion, which I believe those on the "right-to-die" camp have, was shown to be of short supply for those who campaigned for keeping the women formerly known as Terri Schiavo on life-support indefinitely. Both doctors and judges were equated with murderers rather than those who merely wanted nature to take its course. Which makes me wonder: Were they really concerned for Ms. Schiavo or just their theological campaign to make all that disagree comply with unverifiable notions of Christian beliefs?

Lastly, why is it the most religious of us who seem most afraid of the great there-after? Logically, all they accomplished according to their beliefs, was rob Ms. Schiavo of bliss.