Monday, July 18, 2005

Unite Against Terrorism

Please head over to Unite Against Terrorism, a plea to join in solidarity against terrorism, and sign the adjoining statement. It has the heart and courage to put into ink what should be commonsense.
These terrorists do not hate what is worst in the societies they attack, but what is best. They despise individual liberty, critical thought, gender equality, religious tolerance, the rights of minorities and political pluralism. They do not criticize democracy because it sometimes fails to live up to its principles; they oppose those principles.

In areas of conflict, the terrorists have damaged attempts at peaceful and political solutions to problems. They choose killing and reject mutual recognition, accommodation, negotiation, understanding, and compromise.

In the face of such an enemy, we believe it is vital that democratic political forces in all countries unite. We need a global movement of solidarity linking together communities threatened by terror. United we stand against terror.
The whole statement is a great example of humanism opposed to fanaticism and should be signed by anyone who believes they are on the left.