Monday, September 26, 2005

On War

In McCoy's post "The Dem's Dilemma," regular readers might have come aware that Matt and I don't particularly agree on the withdrawal option. He seems to be for it and I'm against it if a vacuum of power is left for jihadists and states such as Iran and Syria to meddle in. Because Matt and I blog from different outposts -- him in DC and me in PA and now Scotland -- we don't coordinate very often and we don't want to. When Matt initially came on board, we thought we'd get into a couple of fights intellectually. That's really yet to happen because, well, we think alike on most topics except hip-hop and now, possibly withdrawal.

So in the upcoming week, we'll try to explain our positions on withdrawal -- probably the most important decision to be made politically, strategically and morally this nation has faced in the last decade, if not since America's exit from Vietnam.