Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Pure Terror

Although reports of casualties differ, a string of bombings in Baghdad have killed at least 130 people today. But the terror doesn't end there. Via WaPo:
Panicked families ran from hospitals to morgues, many seeking more than one dead relative. Armed gunmen--both Shiite militia and Iraqi regular forces--held intersections and closed roads around the city as attacks, and rumors of attacks, grew.

"Explosion! Explosion!" a Shiite militia fighter yelled at one crossing, waving an AK-47 to turn back families looking for their dead.

Blackened burn victims twisted in agony on hospital beds. Outside, men ran fingers down lists of the wounded, searching for names of missing loved ones. Police closed off streets outside hospitals, fearful of second-wave attacks that in past months have targeted bombing victims taken to hospitals. Persistent rumors of bombers with suicide vests roaming hospital wards compounded the anxiety of victims and their families.
Just another day in the life of an Iraqi civilian.