Friday, October 14, 2005

Choreographing Democracy

Apparently, yesterday's teleconference between our Commander-In-Chief and U.S. soldiers in Iraq was choreographed. No big surprise, yet the man behind the curtain says pay no mind, it was all off the cuff. Kevin Drum has snippets of the White House's (untruthful) response to questions of choreography and the AP article that proves they're lying.

If they're going to lie, could the White House have enough respect for the American people to at least do it well. We're getting to the point of a banana republic, where the leaders just do what they want because, well, they can. They have no fear of the people, a quinessential characteristic of a functioning, robust democracy.

Anyway, just keep tellilng yourself...only a little over three years to go...he can't do anything that bad, can he?

POSTSCRIPT: Can't you picture Bush positioned about seven feet away from a map of the Middle East with one dart telling Dick, "Wherever this lands, we're invading."

He throws the dart. It hits Iraq.


"But Mr. President, we already invaded Iraq. Actually we're in a bit of a quagmire there right now."

"Dick, you silly Sally, invade it again...hahaha...Shock and Awe...hahaha...Laura loves the Shock and Awe...did I say that out loud."