Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cell Phone Manners

Wired's Tony Long goes all medieval on you obnoxious cellphone users everywhere. I especially like his take on ringtones.
Ditch the ring tone and put the phone on vibrate. The only person who cares about an incoming call on your phone is you. Don't worry, you'll feel it. (It feels go-o-o-od.) Most ring tones are not only intrusive, they're inane.
Besides no one wants to hear how unoriginal your musical tastes are anyhow. Seriously, anything that's available as a ringtone blows. It's that simple. It blows. I promise you.

His take on those self appointed jackasses of the world, blue tooth ear piece wearers, is also priceless.
You look like a crazy guy wandering down the street, the only difference being that a real crazy guy usually has something interesting to say.