Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Jailed Christian convert Abdul Rahman was released yesterday by Afghanistan's Ministry of Justice. Via WaPo:
An Afghan man who had faced the death penalty for converting from Islam to Christianity has been released from prison after the case was dropped, the justice minister said Tuesday.

The announcement came after the United Nations said that Abdul Rahman had appealed for asylum outside Afghanistan and that the world body was working to find a country willing to take him.

Justice Minister Mohammed Sarwar Danish said the 41-year-old was released from the high-security Policharki Prison on the outskirts of Kabul late Monday.

"We released him last night because the prosecutors told us to," he said. "His family was there when he was freed, but I don't know where he was taken."

Small miracles do exist. An even greater miracle would be for the U.S. to grant Rahman's wish for asylum on our shores. It would at least show some guts considering how timid our response to the Mohammad cartoon fiasco was.