Tuesday, March 14, 2006

V for Vile?

New Yorker Magazine reviews V for Vendetta and the verdict isn't good.
The country “doesn’t need a building,” V says. “It needs an idea.” Yes, but “Vendetta” doesn’t have any ideas, except for a misbegotten belief in cleansing acts of violence. How strangely doth pop make its murderous way, as V might say. The quarter-century-old disgruntled fantasies of two English comic-book artists, amplified by a powerful movie company, and ambushed by history, wind up yielding a disastrous muddle.
I have to say, I'm still looking forward to this anarchic romp through a dystopic future where the jackboots receive their due. As for the critics who judge the politics of the movie and not it's cinematic value: You could hear the exclaims of "too soon" manifesting themselves once the trailer ran. But, again, this is just fantasy. Nothing to get worked up about. Seriously.