Monday, May 15, 2006

Beefing up the Border

In the latest and most bizarre twist in the ongoing immigration debate, Bush is now set to send “thousands of National Guard troops” to the Mexican border. I could be wrong, but I assume that the last 6 months have not seen a significant spike in illegal immigration. If that’s true, the decision to reassign National Guard troops to the border looks less like a response to changing conditions on the ground, and more like an attempt to pacify a conservative base still foaming and its collective mouth over Bush’s call for a guest worker program.

Mexicans have been illegally crossing the border ever since it was established. And at least since 9/11, Americans have had an understandable interest in protecting our borders. So why now, in May of 2006, does the president suddenly decide the situation on the Mexican border has become so urgent? Oh, the political winds are shifting.

Bush briefs the county on the details of the plan tonight.