Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Devil Does Not Exist, but the Radical Right Persists

For all of you concerned that today is the apocalypse, take a deep breath, and gain some commonsense. The devil does not exist. As far as evidence goes, there's absolutely no reason we should believe God exists. We are alone in the universe, and sad to say, the only real fear we have is from our own species, unaided by the prince of darkness.

I'm sorry, I take it back, there is another fear, or at least something to be annoyed about: capitalism preying upon stupidity. As Baltimore Sun's Matthew Hay Brown writes, really bad movies, bands and conservative pundits are trying to cash in on our gullibility.
The jumpy among us can stop holding their breath. The date might be 06/06/06, but no one is predicting anything particularly evil happening today. Unless, that is, you consider the slew of commerce to which we are to be subjected.

Heading the slate today is The Omen, making a rare Tuesday premiere to take advantage of the supposedly demonic date. Thrash metal veterans Slayer launch the Unholy Alliance Tour tonight in San Diego; supporting artists include Mastodon, Lamb of God and Thine Eyes Bleed. And conservative pundit Ann Coulter will be haranguing readers with her newest screed, Godless: The Church of Liberalism.
I revise once again, there is a third thing to be scared about: the likes of the reactionary radical Right-wing like Ann Coulter and her ilk, who like Islamists, want to destroy secular liberalism and the rights it protects.

These are the real devils.