Friday, July 21, 2006

With Friends Like These

Now granted this is from Pat Buchanan, but his latest column on WorldNetDaily reports Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman professed to a gathering of Christians United for Israel, "Today we are all Israelis!"

Now I don't have to tell you what this looks like to Muslims worldwide: More evidence that the People of the Book have united to savagely attack Muslims and their religion. This also carries with it the bizarre and cynical affinity fundamentalist Christians have for the state of Israel. This has nothing to do with Israeli security and everything to do with Biblical prophesy where war erupting in Jerusalem will signal the apocalypse and that blessed event the Rapture where God wields that great dirt-devil in the sky to suck up body and soul, the true believers.

These are the people that make up President Bush's base?

It's scary to think our President may believe such supernatural revelation, content to allow Israel to violate the Geneva Conventions by bombing the infrastructure of Lebanon without a bit of protestation, leaving it a modern-day Sodom and Germorrah.

But then again, international law is for the fools and the fragile, not the indispensable nation and its most precious proxy.