Monday, September 11, 2006

A Day to Remember

Everyone knows what today is -- it needs no introduction.

It's important to remember the ying and yang of heroism and viciousness that occurred. By simple circumstance, ordinary people discovered a courage unparalleled while the hijackers fed a fire reason could not dampen. Every atrocity shows us the great battle between humaneness and misanthropic hatred tussling in each of us. 9/11 is one of the greatest indictments and greatest redeemers of humanity.

It's also important that our foreign policy be oriented toward preserving humanity and not aiding our destruction. 5 years after the smoke rose like a funeral pyre up above Manhattan, DC, and PA we must vow to wage our war with Al-Qaeda and other Islamist fanatics with more humaneness. It is only then that the world with again align with us and defeat a movement more concerned with the afterlife than this life.

We must act like the great protector of the Enlightenment we believe ourselves to be and not the Great Satan much of the Muslim world rages about.

On days like today it's important to remember Thomas Paine's famous declaration, "We have it in our power to start the world again."