Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting Machine Problems in PA

I had to watch Hijacking Democracy on HBO this weekend didn't I. The conservative RedState.com reported earlier today that there is a "massive meltdown" in my home state of Pennsylvania's voting machines.
RedState is getting widespread reports of an electoral nightmare shaping up in Pennsylvania with certain types of electronic voting machines.

In some counties, machines are crashing. In other counties, we have enough reports to treat as credible that fact that some Rendell votes are being tabulated by the machines for Swann and vice versa. The same is happening with Santorum and Casey. Reports have been filed with the Pennsylvania Secretary of State, but nothing has happened.
What's good about this report is the machines are malfunctioning and tablulating the wrong votes both ways. What's bad about this is simple: Will we ever get through an election without the taint of possible election stealing? Get ready for the recounts and recriminations.