Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Signing Off

Thank you to all you brave and adventurous few who loyally read my thoughts on whatever interested or angered me on some particular day. I took a job a few weeks ago at Security Management magazine and moved back down to the DC area. There's a possibility a new site will be created with my good friend M.M. in the near future that is more specialized on the nexus between security and civil liberties or we may go another direction entirely and include more extensive coverage of pop culture, alternative culture and DC itself.

Whatever we do, check back here for updates.

Signing off,
Matthew Harwood

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Exit Only Again

The Rev. Ted Haggard is completey heterosexual. He is completely full of shit. The long and winding road of religious hypocrisy never seems to end, only become more farcical.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Reinvigorating Democracy

My main man, Bill Moyers, on restoring American democracy to those who need it most: the people.

Here's the crescendo:
It is only rarely remembered that the definition of democracy immortalized by Lincoln in the Gettysburg Address had been inspired by Theodore Parker, the abolitionist prophet. Driven from his pulpit, Parker said, "I will go about and preach and lecture in the city and glen, by the roadside and field-side, and wherever men and women may be found." He became the Hound of Freedom and helped to change America through the power of the word. We have a story of equal power. It is that the promise of America leaves no one out. Go now, and tell it on the mountains. From the rooftops, tell it. From your laptops, tell it. From the street corners and from Starbucks, from delis and from diners, tell it. From the workplace and the bookstore, tell it. On campus and at the mall, tell it. Tell it at the synagogue, sanctuary and mosque. Tell it where you can, when you can and while you can--to every candidate for office, to every talk-show host and pundit, to corporate executives and schoolchildren. Tell it--for America's sake.
If you want to watch it, here it is on You Tube via The Nation.

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O' So Grim

WaPo is good enough to provide us a pdf copy of the National Intelligence Estimate just released, which predicts Iraq is likely to go from bad to FUBAR.

Read it and weep -- literally.

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