Monday, March 14, 2005

Al Qaeda of Mesopotamia Media Dept.

It never ceases to surprise me how clever the various terrorist cells loosely aligned with Al Qaeda are. Check out this NYTs article by Robert Worth. The story explains the sophisticated media strategy brought to the terrorism game by Zarqawi's Al Qaeda of Mesopotamia. So when the "establishment" Arab media reports on the latest terrorist atrocity, Zarqawi's group posts whether they were responsible or whether the media is simply spinning. While scary, you do get priceless lines like these:
"We, the media department of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, declare that we have our own means of publication and that we observe the accuracy and truth of our statements," the statement said. "No one should aspire to say about us what we have not said."
Apparently, it's hard to get unbiased, factual coverage of your bloody attacks on civilians and infidels. Seriously, who wouldn't trust men that get their kicks out of sawing people's heads off and executing them mafia-style.