Thursday, June 30, 2005

Creepy Cruise and His Thetan Soul

Thanks to Kevin Drum for posing the right questions for reporters to ask of Cruise and his Scientologist lunatics. Here's an excerpt.
* Mr. Cruise, do you believe that 75 million years ago an evil galactic ruler named Xenu deposited trillions of paralyzed alien bodies on earth and then destroyed them with H-bombs?

* Mr Cruise, do you believe that the souls of these creatures, known as "thetans," inhabit the bodies of present day humans?

* Mr. Cruise, do you believe that "clearing" our bodies of these thetans is the key to mental stability? Is that the reason Scientologists believe that psychiatry and antidepressive drugs are damaging and unnecessary?
What Scientologists' believe is just as crazy as what any everyday Christian, Muslim, or Jew believes. Nevertheless, at least many of Cruise's claims can be tested scientifically, thus showing what a numbnut he really is.

He sure does make good movies though.