Monday, June 27, 2005

Graham Cracker

Am I the only one that finds 90,000 people packing into the old World's Fair site near Shea Stadium in Queens, New York to hear the Reverand Billy Graham's "last crusade" incredibly spooky?

Check out this slide show from the NYTs.(For some reason the link doesn't work so just go to the article here, and you'll see the slide show on the left-hand sidebar.) It's scary to see one man have so much control over so many people, especially when he uses Natalee Holloway's kidnapping in Aruba and probable murder and the discovery of three dead children in a Camden, NJ car trunk as evidence that the end of days is near.

With evidence like this, I'm preparing to hollow out my backyard, stock up on bottled water, batteries, and Bush's baked beans (my favorite), crawl in and await Armageddon. As you can see, I don't think the Rapture will be too kind to me fore I've left documentary evidence of my heathenism all over this blog. I pray God is not computer literate.