Friday, August 26, 2005

America's Eventual Decline

Yesterday, journalist Timothy Garton Ash, analyzed America's eventual decline from the world's spire and its geopolitical ramifications. His analysis is top-notch and well worth a read.

And for all you out there applauding this development, or Allah forbid, shooting your Kalashnikov's into the air (a little physics: what goes up must come down), Mr. Garton Ash has something for you to ponder:
[F]irst, that major shifts of power between rising and falling great powers have usually been accompanied by major wars; and second, that the next top dog could be a lot worse.
While I'm no fan of U.S. foreign policy --which has essentially made the world the prebellum American South: half free, half enslaved -- can anyone think a global order run by the Chinese would be more respectful of human rights and liberties?

I think not.

The thing now to do is ensure every democracy bans together for their collective security so no totalitarian nation or bloc of nations has the ability to be successors to the Axis Powers -- an idea the Bush Administration has damaged with our foray into Iraq.