Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Creation Less Than Perfect

Lisa Fullam asks a good question today in the SF Chronicle:
As the theory of intelligent design again hits the news with President Bush's encouragement this week that the theory be taught in schools alongside evolution, I have one question: What about unintelligent design?
Yes, what about unintelligent design?

Take it away Professor Fullam:
As herbivores, rabbits need help from bacteria to break down the cell walls of the plants they eat, so, cleverly enough, they have a large section of intestine where such bacterial fermentation takes place. The catch is, it's at the far end of the small intestine, beyond where efficient absorption of nutrients can happen. A sensible system -- as we see in ruminant animals like cattle and deer -- ferments before the small intestine, maximizing nutrient absorption. Rabbits, having to make do with an unintelligent system, instead eat some of their own feces after one trip through, sending half-digested food back through the small intestine for re-digestion.
How'd you like to do that? I'm pretty sure the creator wouldn't.

Fullam gets a bit theistic at the end for my taste, but I'm waiting for an answer to her question from any creationists out there in the blogosphere.

Any takers?