Monday, October 03, 2005

Of the Peanut Farmer and Peanut Brained President

I have an idea for Bush Administration relating back to McCoy's post about the Bush Administration's new cartoon character, the Energy Hog. Why don't they just bring back Jimmy Carter and his sweater? Oh yeah, I forgot that the pessimism of his plea to wear a sweater rather than make our abodes a comfortable 72 degrees earned him a U-Haul out of the White House.

I can only hope Bush's stupid approach will make his popularity rating so low that it infects the GOP and they lose the 2006 elections, once again bringing commonsensical approaches to critical issues like energy policy. I can hope, can't I?

POSTSCRIPT: Also, Democrats should listen to McCoy and push for tax cuts for those people who use energy efficiently and responsibly, whether that be driving hybrid cars or installing solar panels. For a good introduction to the economic feasibility of going green, check out Natural Capitalism.