Thursday, October 06, 2005

Watch Your Neck

What's better than Must See TV, well, al-Qaeda TV of course. According to the JPost, al-Qaeda has launched its very own internet broadcast.
The new TV channel is called Sawt Al-Khilafah (Voice of the Caliphate), a reference to the Islamic empire that emerged after the death of the prophet Muhammad. One of Osama bin Laden's declared goals is to reestablish the empire that once stretched from Turkey to Spain.
The name really inspires belief in al-Qaeda's credentials as liberation fighters.

But the worst development was the message contained in a recent broadcast.
Al-Qaida's new Internet TV channel on Wednesday branded Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas a "collaborator with the Jews," accusing him of assisting Israel in its war on Hamas.

The attack on Abbas is the first of its kind by Al-Qaida and is seen by some Palestinians as an indication of the terror organization's growing involvement in Palestinian affairs.

PA officials in Ramallah expressed fear that Al-Qaida was seeking to undermine Abbas by inciting against him through its broadcasts.

"This is a very dangerous development," said a senior official. "Al-Qaida and other Islamic terror groups are trying to replace the Palestinian Authority with a radical regime."
So the writing's on the wall and Abbass should watch his back because an attempt on his life cannot be far behind.

And for all those that are slightly amused when al-Qaeda's statements correspond to the Religious Right's in the U.S., this one's for you. According to Voice of the Caliphate:
"[T]he wrath of Allah [Katrina] visited the city of homosexuals [New Orleans]" and "the entire Islamic world overflowed with joy."
Hey, what's a little gay-bashing between enemies anyway?