Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Giant Grade Point Average

For all of you who could care less about the New York football Giants, I apologize. But I am absolutely gushing about this season.

Yesterday, the New York Daily News published a report card for the 1st semester of Giants football. And you know what, whipping out my handy calculator, they averaged a 3.5 on a university 4.0 scale. Not bad, but as the NYDN warns:
Still, don't book a flight to Detroit just yet. The schedule gets tough in the second half and they have yet to pull away in their surprisingly difficult division.
The next five weeks will be tough as the Giants play the Eagles twice, the seemingly playoff bound Seahawks, Bill Parcell's Cowboys, and the inept Vikings. So the Giants must take one away from the Owens-less Eagles, must beat Dallas, and must destroy Culpepper-less Vikings next week. But if you know the Giants, they have a tendency to play down to the level of bad teams.

So if the Giants want to make a statement, they must take three out of those five games. For their mental health and confidence they must beat Dallas, which should be doable this time since it will be at the frosty, swirling winds of the Meadowlands.

Hopefully in five weeks time I'll be trumpeting the 9-4 Giants, clearly on their way to a first week bye in the playoffs.

Knock on wood, with my fingers crossed of course. They still are the Giants -- you know?