Friday, November 11, 2005

Marriage is Suicide

Well, not as if it comes as a surprise, but Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's Al-Qaeda in Iraq has claimed responsibility for the Amman bombings. But there's this little twist:
The statement, signed by group spokesman Abu Maysara al-Iraqi, said the four included a woman ''who chose to accompany her husband to his martyrdom.''
Does this means she gets 72 virgin men upon arrival in paradise? Which as any woman would certainly tell you is a curse, since she'd be reverting back to the days when the man had no clue what he was doing. Let's just say girls attest that guy virgins are just not that good. And certainly who wants 72 clawing at her. But it's nice to know a woman would kill herself for an ideology that inimically hostile to her.

Yet there's a positive note to this story. Protest denoucing Zarqawi broke out on Amman's streets. Here's the AP's account:
''Al-Zarqawi, you are a coward! Amman will remain safe!'' chanted 3,000 protesters who marched through the capital, past its al-Husseini Mosque after midday prayers.
If Zarqawi continues to employ these tactics, he might just provoke a backlash against his movement. Muslims, like everyone else, don't like to fear going to a wedding reception or staying at a Days Inn. And I'm sure they don't like being killed in the name of there own religion as well.