Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Who Says Conservative Bloggers Aren’t Critical of Republicans?

Well, I did. So when I stumbled across the following piece posted today on the Club for Growth Web site, I felt compelled to link to it. Be forewarned that this list of grievances has a narrow scope, focusing on those instances when "the GOP abandoned the ideals of economic freedom and pro-growth policies." Nevertheless, it contradicts what I said yesterday.

In the spirit of fairness, here’s their explanation of how Bush screwed up on Social Security reform.
I think it’s only fair to give President Bush some credit for pushing a debate on this ticking time bomb of an issue. But he got out of the kitchen when the heat got too intense. He never forced a vote on the squishy moderates in Congress who begged him to go easy. For all the trouble that we went through on this issue, we’re now $660 billion poorer and we’re still without personal pro-growth accounts. This issue could have defined Bush’s legacy along with his leadership on the War on Terror, but he failed to follow through. Big letdown.
I can think of a few other issues that will define Bush’s legacy, but let’s put our differences aside for now and simply share our mutual frustration with the Commander in Chief. There, doesn’t that feel nice?