Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Wish I Had the Time/Knew Arabic

Via NYTs:
American intelligence agencies and presidential commissions long ago concluded that Saddam Hussein had no unconventional weapons and no substantive ties to Al Qaeda before the 2003 invasion.

But now, an unusual experiment in public access is giving anyone with a computer a chance to play intelligence analyst and second-guess the government.

Under pressure from Congressional Republicans, the director of national intelligence has begun a yearlong process of posting on the Web 48,000 boxes of Arabic-language Iraqi documents captured by American troops.

Less than two weeks into the project, and with only 600 out of possibly a million documents and video and audio files posted, some conservative bloggers are already asserting that the material undermines the official view.
Let the apeshit begin!

POSTSCRIPT: If you don't know Arabic, please, please, don't blog on this or take any blogger's word on this stuff. There're some nuts with bad intentions out there in the blogosphere.