Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hitler's Sense of Homicidal Humor

It seems if Hitler didn't become Fuhrer of Germany, he was hoping to become a real killer comedian.

Via The New Yorker:
One night in Berlin, Hitler, Göring, and Goebbels walked into a bar. Noticing that the bartender’s hands were shaking, Hitler asked him what was wrong. “We don’t get too many high-ranking officials of the Third Reich in here,” he said.

“Well, at these prices, I’m not surprised,” said Hitler, pulling out a Luger and shooting him.

Speaking before an audience of thousands at the Nuremberg Rally of 1936, Hitler departed from his prepared text to share one of his favorite jokes. “A patient complaining of a sore throat goes to see a doctor,” Hitler began. “After examining him, the doctor says, ‘Your tonsils have to come out.’ The patient says, ‘I want a second opinion.’ So the doctor says, ‘O.K.—you’re also of an inferior race.’ ”

On December 7, 1941, Hitler opened a meeting of the Nazi high command as he often did: with a knock-knock joke.

“Knock-knock,” he said.

“Who’s there?” said Goebbels.

“Tojo,” he said.

“Tojo who?”

“Tojo the Japanese would bomb Pearl Harbor,” Hitler said, roaring with laughter.
Sometimes I have a tendency towards gullibility, but this can't be real once you read on. Nevertheless, does anyone know if Hitler did indeed have a chilling sense of sociopathic humor?