Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Way Too Close

The Senate has rejected the FMA, but much too narrowly. Via the AP on the NYTs:
The Senate on Wednesday rejected a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, but supporters said new votes for the measure represent progress that gives conservative Republicans reason to vote on Election Day.

The 49-48 vote fell 11 short of the 60 required to send the matter for an up-or-down tally by the full Senate. The amendment's failure was no surprise, but supporters said the vote reflected growing support among senators and Americans.

''We're building votes,'' said Sen. David Vitter, R-La., who is among supporters of the ban who were not in the Senate when the amendment was last voted on in 2004. ''That's often what's required over several years to get there, particularly to a two-thirds vote.''
So the right-wing of the GOP isn't going to let this die the quick death it deserves, arguing, like Orrin Hatch, that half the country supports the FMA. If so, prejudice still infects America's body politic.