Thursday, July 07, 2005

More Death

To add to the carnage wrought by Islamic terrorism today, the Egyptian envoy to Iraq, Ihab el-Sherif, has been reportedly murdered by Zarqawi's terrorist clique. No one has confirmed the killing, which was reported on an Islamic website used frequently by Al-Qaeda in Iraq, but as John F. Burns reports:
a web posting by the group on Wednesday, 24 hours before the announcement of the killing, said that it had handed Mr. Sherif over to the "mujahedeen," or holy warriors, to "face his punishment," and referred to "a sharp sword" that hung over him, implying that Mr. Sherif, like many earlier victims of the Zarqawi group, might have been beheaded.
Many here in the States and throughout Europe do not believe Al-Qaeda is an "existential threat" like Nazism or Sovietism. Hopefully the combination of New York City, DC, that field in Pennsylvania, Bali, Madrid, and London provide the jolt to awaken their survival reflexes. We are most certainly in a war with Islamic fanaticism, one that must be fought with reason and discrimination to show those impressionable Islamic youths that the fruits of modernity and political liberalism are much sweeter than a return of the caliphate.

The way back to the caliphate is one of murder and intellectual and spiritual slavery. We should be courageous enough to brandish this knowledge unflinchingly. Like the Jews of the Old Testament and the Christians of the Middle Ages and the Inquisition, the Islamic militants believe their god craves blood. Apparently the path to heaven is strew with the lives and limbs of the unfaithful.