Tuesday, August 23, 2005

In Black and White

Since we’ve spent a lot of time talking about Iraq this week, it’s only right that we take a look at some actual passages from Iraq’s draft constitution. Via The Washington Post, the AP provides a sneak peak. Here are a few items I picked out. Good, bad, contradictory? I have my opinions. I’ll leave you to yours.

Islam is a main source for legislation

No law may contradict Islamic standards

No law may contradict democratic standards

This constitution guarantees the Islamic identity of the Iraqi people and guarantees all religious rights; all persons are free within their ideology and the practice of their ideological practices.

Any organization that follow a racist, terrorist, extremist, sectarian-cleaning ideology or circulates or justifies such beliefs is banned, especially Saddam's Baath Party in Iraq and its symbols under any name. And this should not be part of the political pluralism in Iraq.

Human freedom and dignity are guaranteed.

The central government administers oil and gas extracted from current wells, along with governments of the producing regions and provinces, on the condition that revenues are distributed in a way that suits population distribution around the country.
I encourage you to read the rest. And I promise, the next post won’t be about Iraq.

--Matthew McCoy