Friday, March 31, 2006

The More You Know

It's my pleasure to introduce you to a new television network poised to begin broadcasting in 2007: The Real News, formerly Independent World Television.

The mission of The Real News is simple,to give you unfiltered news away from the spin that characterizes the corporate media. How will they achieve this laudable goal: They won't take money from corporations and governments so there will be no advertisements. It will be the viewers' network, completely dependent upon your and my financial support.

The funny thing you hear today about the media is that their only job is to rely the facts, to be objective. But when the media is constrained by the pernicious hands of advertisers and the need to perpetually increase ratings, the news get sanitized for your protection and the special interests of big business and governmental power are catered to to increase profits and control costs. Remember most media outlets are owned by a few corporations and individuals and therefore is a business that must follow the logic of private enterprise -- grow or die.

This is why The Real News will be different: they won't follow this logic because their revenue source is democratically dependent upon the viewer and how much she values the service. The Real News remembers the real aim of a free, obstinate press is to arm the public with the facts the few don't want the many to know so that democracy doesn't die due to the machinations of an unaccountable elite.

This is why I got into journalism. Moreover, it's why I believe it to be the most empowering and important of callings. Without democracy, the individual has no voice, and with no voice comes powerlessness. The Real News is attempting to give people back that voice the corporate media has thwarted for far too long.

Please stop by their website and give your support.