Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Justice for the Kurds?

Here's some good news Americans of all stripes can get behind. Via the NYTs: The special Iraqi court prosecuting Saddam Hussein has charged him with genocide for the infamous Anfal campaign that killed approximately 50,000 Kurds during the late 80's. WaPo's coverage is here.

But I do have a good question for all those who are wedded to a realpolitik that has no normative function: Should those in the former Reagan Administration also be prosecuted for their part in helping supply Hussein with the chemical precusors he used against the Kurds?

Some justice will be done when Hussein is convicted and, unfortunately, executed, but even a semblance of justice demands those involved with supplying Iraq with these deadly toxins and chemicals -- with full knowledge what they'd be used for -- must also face prosecution, if not, then at least truth and reconciliation.

But as we all know, this will not happen.