Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Democratic Security Strategy

No, no that's not an oxymoron -- especially since the root of the word should be applied to the U.S.'s present security strategy -- but as Fred Kaplan of Slate says, the document entitled Real Security, is anything but, describing it as "more a rough outline than a 'plan'; it raises at least as many questions as it answers; it reeks of banality."

Come on Dems, get ready, because the likely Republican challenger for '08 is a former P.O.W., against torture, and will have a security strategy much more conservative than President Bush's.

I can't take four more years of national monothilic Republican rule for much longer. Get your house in order for all of us from the middle-class down. Give us the executive and at least one half of Congress.

You owe it to us for all your Clintonian/triangulating moral failings of the past two decades.